For Future's Sake
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For Future's Sake

A Fiercely Human Leadership Program
at the Tipping Point of our Planet

Hone the ripple effect of your internal state on your business… and of your business on the world around it.

Transform your “energy” leaks in moments to create deeper alignment on big missions.

Yes, even in a pandemic.  Especially during a pandemic.  Difficulty is also a source of power.

While increasing revenue.

Become the consulting practitioner your company won’t need in 10 years

In 120 minutes/ week.

Because transformation doesn’t take “time.”

It is literally your business that decides who can- and can’t- thrive together on this planet.

You’ve got a thriving business and a clear social justice mission.

You’re doing the damned thing, chaos and all- AND your commitment is larger than your current business.

You’re committed to being the kind of leader our future is counting on…  You also know fast growth might amplify some of those cracks in the foundation.

You know “presence” is what drops you into your business-life flow.

It’s time to refine that “sixth sense” and integrate your cashflow trajectory with Mother- of Dragons* level Social Impact. Our collective children and waterways cannot wait another year- or for your other problems to go away.
*we will practice staying humble though unlike our imaginary namesake

I doubt you came to this planet to grow a few million dollar business so you could...

Let a sinkful of dishes turn into the patriarchy in your own kitchen.

Make your business decisions based on essentially Adam Smith’s matrix instead of your own senses.

Have some team management issue sabotage your focus on the BHAG you came here for, or the resulting neck tension creep into your dinner conversations- (or your sex life).

Watch your artistic genius and creativity be directed by current options for “how to do business” or by your “amount of energy” for certain tasks.

You don’t “summit” life. You live it.

Imagine managing (directing even!) the fires of transformation that come with running an epically successful business without “tuning out” or tending resulting stress and exhaustion related symptoms and instead staying aligned and “tapped in” to:

Expanding the network of holistic health practitioners by 4000 treatments per week.

Scheming how to support more (Black, Indigenous, Queer… ) women in positions of power.

Breaking- and building- intergenerational patterns inside your home and business- even on hard days.

Funnel resources from the 1% back into the communities it was extracted from.

Let our second generation holistic and organizational consultant guide you through the moments where you give your power away… so you can define the nuance between blaming the patriarchy and harnessing your own power.  So you can not have to “undo years of trauma” before you can have smoother delegation processes across (diverse, maybe global) teams?

These tiny nuances that disempower your team and clients are your last hurdles to smoothing the fuck out of your days and “energy flows” so your business- and it’s impact- can not only grow with ease but also with strategic intention.

The difference between Tiger and the rest of the golf world is a matter of percentages of an angle of a degree.  You got the swing. Now it’s time to master it.

You have the sales and marketing skills.  You have a powerful clear presence. It's time to implement a simple shift for increasing the effectiveness of both by more than 40% (yes, that's actual data from our clients).

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A taste of what's included...

Seasonal Pillars Content Samples: 

Leadership for Culture Design Core:

12 Humaning Well core skills for honing culture design practices you already have*

Expanding the Sphere – Team Culture 

Practical Communication

Accepting and shifting emotions vs phenomena

Habits and Practices

Spheres in the World – Company as Culture 

Natural Borders vs Boundaries

Change as a function of Products and Services

Change as a Function of Relationships and Market Position

Commitment and Policy – Structure and Function 

Human-Centered Business Structures

Contracts, Documents, and Policies as agents of Values

Restore Humaning vs Human as Resource

Wisdom of the Unknown – Commitment to being a Beginner

Noticing our Assumptions

Embodied Curiosity

Rooted Agility via Letting go of Expectation

Here’s how it works...

    • First, we hop on a call to see if this really makes sense for you and your work at this stage.
    • If not, we might make recommendations to help prepare you to use this work well later.
    • If it’s a fit for both of us, you get our living contract.
    • Once we’ve got a mutual agreement you’ll get immediate access to the first season’s lessons via email and start implementing video module #1 today.
    • We’ll reach out to you or your team to schedule any bonus work or calls.  No joke.  We don’t like to “waste” “time” lol.  We assume your life moments are as precious as ours and want to have you making more possibility NOW.
    • You’ll make sure calls are scheduled in and your assistant knows to guard them like a watchdog since this is the foundation of your body- and therefore your business.
    • You begin incredulously watching the unfolding of awarenesses and powers you’ve always had but couldn’t *quite* pinpoint.
    • Seriously though, scroll down for a few recent testimonials.

120 minutes a week. That’s it.

 For graduate level sensory leadership training you can’t get anywhere else.

Hey, I’m Jade.

In case you’re new here:

Black Lives Matter. Inclusion is a habit not a slogan and we’re here for it, everyday forever. Feel free to call us on that. Transformation starts with each of us and we believe in the power of leadership to change the face of society. We know that exponentially increasing the amount of capital stewarded by those of who care creates exponential social change.

I’m a high school dropout who helped the NSA communicate more effectively with the CIA and saved a Fortune 100 beverage company’s culture-merge and accident rates when purchasing another beverage company…

… while maintaining a private acupuncture practice, training other healthcare providers, and providing/coordinating more than 25,000 volunteer acupuncture treatments per year (in one of the most underemployed neighborhoods in the U.S.)

I’ve taught globally alongside world class quantum physicists, sinologists, historians, herbalists, social critics, drug dealers and addicts since 17 years old.  I’ve trained world class HR directors, Fortune 50 leaders, small business owners and teams inside of almost every industry, not to mention thousands of acupuncturists…

What that means for you?

It’s not about excavating your feelings or using meditation as medication.

I’ll show you how to use physical cues in your body to make clear decisions and transform “stress”…

… so you can show up to change the world.

And this is Edwin.

Edwin Zhao spent a number of years working at the intersection of healthcare and technology. As an implementer of electronic medical records (EHRs) at hospital systems around the country, he oversaw multi-site projects that transformed the way clinicians performed their day-to-day work. In this role, he strategically deployed a full range of communication tools, all the while keeping in mind that effective speaking and listening is both process and goal.

In 2016, during a graduate course on healthcare concepts, he had the realization that healthcare, while related to health, was not the source of health. Since then he has been devoted to the practice and teaching of in-the-moment leadership skills that makes joyful work of each individual’s “obligations.” This has been the source of his capacity to serve as project manager and data analyst at MedStar Health during the day, facilitate group coaching sessions in the evenings, and still hold space for curiously listening with friends and family.

You are the magic wormhole! This work is nothing less than quantum. Thank you for the precious space you make for it... Seriously ppl, if you are ready for some deep transformation, Jade is your person. Book a call.

— Julie Bear Don't Walk

We began engagement in our work on Effectiveness and Presence at the same time that we were also starting a journey to create a safer environment within the workplace…we reduced our injuries by 50% each year. While there were many new tools and processes put in place, I think that the work with your team allowed my leaders to connect with their personal commitment to every person’s health and wellness in their organization. From that context, we were able to create an environment where Safety was more than mandates and processes, it was clearly a heartfelt commitment and value that took hold throughout our region.

This is only a small start, and I wanted to at least provide a couple of critical items as acknowledgement of the contribution your work and our partnership has made to my team.

Thanks so much…

— KJ, Fortune 50 Bottling Industry

Honestly, the tools you are offering me through these practices are so rich and transcendental, and yet socially civic! If me being the best version of me isn’t the most socially responsible thing I could possibly be doing for society as a whole, I don’t know what is!!!

— Client of a client!

Still not sure?

(Aka you’ve got more concerns than time? We’ve probably heard them)

I’ve done somatic work, I meditate, I”m pretty fucking aware and I have an *awesome* team culture… Do I really *need* this? Do I need it *Now*?

I know what you’re thinking: I’ve done somatic work, I meditate, I”m pretty fucking aware and I have an *awesome* team culture… Do I really *need* this? Do I need it *Now*? 

  • No, you don’t need it.  You’ll be fine, just like you always have.  I’m really not into putting humans into “funnels” to convince them of anything.  For reference though, one of the reasons I stopped predominantly training holistic healers is because they had *too many theories* and find that I really prefer working with people who understand high performance is about extremely nuanced embodied iterative practice. Think snipers, athletes, swimmers, dancers, and fortune 100 VPs.  One “minor” decision there has a huge impact- and changes the trajectory of more than one life.  So they train every day.
  • So no, you don’t need this.  But if you’ve decided that every moment of your life, even the ones with your children, and the ones at work that will impact all of our collective children, is worth the focused flow and presence of Kobe (Rest in Power) hitting a three, then you’re probably ready.

Jade, this feels like some “touchy-feely woo shit” and, well, I’m really not into baring my soul to strangers. 

  • Cool cool, I’m a pretty “say anything” person myself but remember I was a healthcare person first and a super high-level exec coach after that- I am not about you divulging unnecessary stuff.  Neatest part of this? You don’t have to share any details if you don’t want- because that’s not the relevant part of these skills.  We are going to focus on the simplest of things- the minute physical shifts you notice, and how you generated them.  Sometimes that *will* be a kind of personal thought- but we don’t need to know what that is for you to practice effectively.  Also, we aren’t doing therapy, and while we hope you had a happy childhood, it’s really not material to this work.  Remember I also do this ish in corporate settings… as much as I love it when people use this to heal intergenerational ish or “feel” better… I actually don’t give a shit.  I want to know who else’s life is different as a result of the work you’re doing here.

This sounds good, but what will *actually* change? 

  • The day-to-day interactions are what make up your entire life.  How many of them are currently unsatisfactory, or worse just boring? If you could design 40% more joy on command, what would the tangible results of that be? On your business? Your life?
  • If you could command a 40% more powerful presence in the room with the execs you want to stock your products (and knock that patriarchal competitor off the shelf).

In the first two weeks you’ll be able to (real, recent examples):

  • Navigate a dangerous situation without losing your equilibrium or getting “drained”
  • Envision the next major phase of your business that synthesizes your life’s work
  • Have a usual conflict turn into resolution of a long-standing team “awkwardness’ by revealing the deeper layers and acknowledging what is so to get on with the mission.
  • Notice the relationship between “depression” and body-mind choices.
  • Maintain your usual pace but come home energized and excited to spend time with family.
  • Streamline complex business delegation issues.
  • Begin spreading the skill of catching upsets early and often across team members (without “teaching”)
  • Interrupt old “PTSD” type patterns before the usual spiral.
  • Get business back above pre-covid revenue while feeling less busy.  In an industry really hard hit.

Like Stats? 

  • 70% of participants received major company acknowledgment and team improvement in six months or less (*once per month with no online modules-you’re getting v. 6.0)
  •  40% reduction in turnover at senior team levels within the first year
  •  25% increased capacity to navigate difficult situations with repeatedly difficult coworkers after one session
  • 16% increase in maintaining no stress or upset at work after one session
  • 50% reduction in accidents and mistakes across teams year over year.

What you'll get:
(we know perfectionists when we meet them ;)

  • The 12 most potent skills for learning and unlearning your own acculturated nuances from over 100+ years of graduate-level training and private practices.
  • A nuanced assessment across your company domains to track progress from culture to cashflow to values implementation.
  • A rhythmic regulated container to iterate quickly- because ideas don’t change the world.  Implementation does.
  • Small groups for individualized work
  • 1 Core Skills Call per week plus one optional skills refinement office hour.
  • Weekly Regenerative Growth Coaching and Strategy Call.
  • One Intergenerational “Cathedral” Call per month to ensure integration across larger mission, deepening of skillsets and to experience the full range of the art of curiosity in action in community.
  • A simple framework to follow so you know exactly what to do next
  • An ability to proceed at your own pace, calibrate against your own values and embodied learning, not anyone else’s
  • Practical content free of theoretical shit that doesn’t work. You will have a specific actionable practice to engage every day, that doesn’t take “time,” isn’t confusing, and reminders that you design to implement easily and often.
  • Quick wins that last a lifetime: You will notice wins and shifts immediately within the first week.

Things people wanna know:

  • +
    What if I can’t make the calls?

    There will be replay access, though really, you should consider this warrior training.  If you aren’t committed to showing up 30 minutes once per week plus one coaching call most weeks you might not be ready to commit to the level of social change we’re working on.

    Besides- one of the things people love the most about this work is being in community with other people committed to doing the work, to evolving as humans together and for both staying present to the bullshit while not committed to letting it run the show.

    Realistically though, we know you’re doing big shit and stuff happens.  That’s why if you’re doing big shit you should opt-in to VIP for voxer access so you can get the most juice out of the skills with the least amount of structured time commitment.

  • +
    I was looking at the executive coaching program at…

    and this is even more expensive… do you offer certification?”

    You cannot access our certification level program without attending this program first.  All fees are applicable toward that intensive program should you apply and be accepted.  As one 2012 Duggan Method (now Humaning Well) attendee who also did the Georgetown Executive coaching certification commented:

    “ There are a lot of similarities but they (G’town) have very little of the embodiment piece.” – Fiona Grant, Executive coach and Former HR director for Lockheed Martin, Accenture and Cook- Ross, referring to the first of our four core learning segments.

    Our program is based on a streamlined and immediately practical version of the most effective parts of the MA programs in Transformative Leadership and Social Change the founders of this course designed, combined with the most crucial implementations from their work directly with business leaders, in a customized format.

  • +
    This seems like really deep work, what should I have in place?

    If you have trauma or major mental health concerns and have not done any therapy or somatic work, maybe make sure you’re doing that work in tandem or have some other tools to work through regular life bullshit as it arises.

    If you have no support in your life, you might want to find some friends.  Old shit will come up- luckily we aren’t excavating and most people notice that things they thought would take years to be moved move in weeks if not moments.

    An open mind.  We WILL be unlearning some of your most treasured and destructive certitudes.   You can have them back any time you like, just know we won’t be holding any “cherished and destructive certitudes” here.

  • +
    *What is your equity and diversity commitment?

    We’re glad you asked! We actually don’t believe in diversity as an end result.

    We recognize that the last era of civil rights fought for equality and ended up with “diversity” instead, and the economic and social implications of such are far reaching, so we fully support spaces that may be “less diverse” for the sake of creating truly more integrity and acceptance of each other’s full humanity.  We got WORK to do.

    We want everyone present with this work to be able to be fully present.  While our groups tend to have a wide range of queerness, ability, gender, ethnicity and even economics, we are aware that the cultural majority is often white and women (actually Asian American currently).  Because of this we also offer a separate track for any Black- identifying participants who prefer not to be doing this work in a predominantly non-Black space.  I am currently the primary white facilitator for that work… and we do have Black coaches available for extra support on our team as well.  We are also always looking for coaches who want to bring this into communities who might benefit from a coach who identifies more closely with the community.  Send us a message if you’d like to discuss.

    As for creating more economic equity (AKA Reparations) we have always offered 20% of all proceeds financial and time towards pro bono business consulting for American descendants of enslavement and genocide running businesses and non profits in disinvested communities.  We are working towards a 1:1 model and actively seeking sponsorship for a full trainer scholarship to deliver this work with even more integrity specifically into Black-led spaces and businesses in historically redlined communities.

What’s your guarantee?
Look. If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.

Lol. Seriously though, inherent in this work is the understanding if you’re dissatisfied with being in the program or doing the work, we’re probably going to be feeling dissatisfied about having you there.  So we’re either going to clear that shit out or part ways, preferably amicably.  (We’ve had one partial refund request in 11 years for someone undergoing cancer treatment.)

Having said that, we don’t do refunds but we do have living contracts to be collaboratively agreed upon within 14 days.

By then you will be implementing the work and have literally learned skills that I charge corporations WAAAYYY more to teach, and that first skill will have an ROI of infinity on your life should you commit to implementing.  If not, its cool, though sad for the universe that won’t get your gifts and full glory.

We will, however, donate any unused portions of your program fees to scholarships and pro bono work for those who can use it.

We will also be happy to transfer your payment towards a later enrollment date or any upgrade in courses.

Here's everything that's included...

12 Core Humaning Well Skills for Leadership and Culture Design*

Weekly Skill Practice

Heartbeat Hotseats

Monthly “Cathedral” Integration

Office Hours

Systems Value Integrity Assessments

Culture and KPI Assessments

Levels II- IV: Business Development for Intentional Culture

* The 12 core awareness and communications skill refinements that could have kept 70% of clients from needing our services.  Culled from over 120+ years of clinical, consulting, and graduate training in OD and the healing arts: Crafting an embodied curiosity and cultivating the five senses as a common language for culture design. These are the proven skills that increase mindfulness and presence, somatic awareness, and clarify communication resulting in significant measurable change across organizations and teams.  These will be practiced and layered throughout.

Here's what people are saying...

Definitely less tension in the office. I think the staff told my practice manager that they’ve noticed I’m calmer...

— Jen Hayashi, Medstar

Enlightening, provoking, unforgettable...

— Laura Dress

I’m about to facilitate and participate in a 2-day session for my peers in my area working on challenges/opportunities we see going forward. My prep for it is literally the notes from all of our time together so that I can show up fully as I have committed to do so. Thank You!!

— Kathy Kidd, FINRA